Thursday, June 10, 2010

Backgrounds, Google? Really?

If you got to this post, you're probably wondering how to turn off Google backgrounds. I for one am pretty sure that if there isn't already a setting, there will be one shortly. I can't be the only person that want's my plain white, pleasant and unobtrusive background back. I'm also far too lazy to go look for that setting given that a link to it doesn't exist on the front page.

That being the case, I created some 800 x 600 solid color backgrounds and uploaded them to Picasa. 800 x 600 by the way is the minimum resolution that can be used. Yes, I do like the fact that Google is hosting my solution to my Google problem.
Download early, download often. Here's the links:
I recommend the dark gray though the white does give a good 'White Album' feel. Obviously, you can also easily create your own image using MS Paint or any simple image editor if you prefer, say, color. Click on the 'Change background image' link in the lower left hand of the Google front page and upload the file from your computer.

Fine, this didn't take much imagination or skill. But I was so dumbstruck when I saw the page, it was all I could do to listen to various suggestions from coworkers.

In retrospect, this may have just been really good marketing. Google did seem to have a fix in place fairly quickly. I'm sure ours wasn't the only office where the new background had everyone talking for a few minutes. And who knows how many bloggers out there were duped into creating buzz about it.


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