Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Milyli Update

They say that in order for a blog to be successful, you need to write about what your audience cares about. Since I've started writing, I've only had one person ask me to give updates on how our little company / experiment is going. Then again, I've only had one person leave comments about the coding tips I post here so I guess either topic is as valid as the other at the moment. Which one will I talk about today?

That's right, it's company news. Our little company has grown to 6 whole, full time employees. That's right pretty soon, they'll out number us founders and then who knows what variants of heaven or hell they'll unleash on us. Whichever it is, I'm sure things are just going to keep being interesting for a while.

We're also considering leasing out the rest of the floor in the building we're currently in. It's a big step, but we've realized that there really is no substitute for closed off separated meeting places and work areas. Keep the loud side loud and the quiet side quite. We currently lack that separation and every new familyli member brings that fact into further relief.

We're in the home stretch of a nice long project as well. I can't talk much about it, which is probably why I haven't posted here much. Oh the mystery is killing you. I know. Hopefully though, I'll soon be able to take up posting on all the various interests I have, thus ensuring that my blog continues to wallow in obscurity.

Until then...

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