Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SharePoint Alerts Not Sending

There are all sorts of reasons why your alerts might not be working in SharePoint. There are a whole slew of causes as to why with the most common being a backup and restore to a new server, farm, environment, etc. Googling will provide you with a bunch of options for the common problems pretty quickly.

None of those really worked for me. I did eventually solve my problem though. One post pointed me at the EventBatches table in the content database. This table contains two pieces of information, the last event time and the last event id processed. It turned out that the id in the EventBatches table was FAR greater than the last id in the EventCache table. This was probably the result of some less than optimal backup and restore voodoo that had gone on previously. Regardless, I set the id in the EventBatches table equal to the last EventCache id and alerts started flowing freely from that point on.

I wasn't able to find anyone that just came flat out and said that, so there it is.

Disclaimer: I saw in some posts that Microsoft doesn't take to kindly to messing around with the SharePoint databases. If you want continued support, tweak at your own risk.

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