Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Middle Mouse Button Broken

I had a frustrating problem with my mouse tonight. Basically, the middle mouse button stopped working on my Razer Lachesis. I tried searching for a resolution and all I found were suggestions on how to clean the mouse. I'm too lazy for that.

I found that a simple way to test the buttons is to remap the button(s) in question to a keystroke; mouse button 3 to the number 3 in this case. I opened up notepad, clicked, and lo and behold, a 3 every time I click. What gives?

I started to switch the mouse button function back to 'windows button 3' and... what gives again? It's gone. As I switched through the other mouse profiles though I noticed that button 3 was almost always set to 'universal scroll'. "Let's try that," I thought to myself. I applied the new setting. Don't forget to apply the new setting! And look, the mouse is as good as new.

As near as I can figure it, I actually set the mouse button to 'windows button 3' at some point in some previous Windows version or application. The interesting thing is that the profiles are stored in the mouse, not the driver software. That's my guess at least as I removed the driver software and restarted the computer at one point and my middle mouse button was still pumping out 3's. Combine that with the fact that the signal is evidently a bit different between Windows 7 and whatever program I set it on, and a little bit of profile changing butter fingers on my part and voila - apparently broken button.

So, it turns out that my only real complaint about my nice, year old Lachesis is that it is too customizable for my clumsy self. Aside from that, this is one heck of a mouse.

Figured I'd share my experience in case some one else runs into this problem.


  1. Cheers for this. I'm gonna give it a go, pain in the arse trying to play games without it.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks a lot!